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Crowns and Veneers Case Study


Gayl came to us concerned about the appearance of her teeth which had cracks and other cosmetic problems caused by old dentistry work. In order to help give Gayl the smile that she wanted Dr Elkhatib used our technology –…

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Case Study: Large and Deep Tooth Decay

root canal before-after-2

Simon visited our Sydney dental practice expressing his discomfort regarding an ache related to his top left molar. Dr Elkhatib recommended root canal treatment because the tooth could be successfully restored and still serve the patient for many years to…

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Veneers Case Study


This patient visited our Sydney dental practice feeling self-conscious about the spaces between their top front and bottom teeth and also the shape of their front teeth. The patient had also just completed orthodontic treatment with braces and now wanted…

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Implants and Veneers Case Study


Mirnal had a very unfortunate accident and lost his two front teeth. The accident also resulted in his lower front teeth becoming discoloured. After the accident he visited another dentist who completed very unpleasant work to restore the two front…

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Crowns and Bridges Rehab Case Study


James came to us seeking help to restore the missing tooth on the left side of his mouth and broken teeth which were previously carrying a bridge on the same side. He also felt self-conscious about the old crowns on…

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Lower Veneers Case Study


Veneers can be applied successfully even in the hardest cases.  Suzan came to us unhappy with the look of her bottom teeth and gum problems around the bottom front and back teeth. Suzan had previously visited another dentist where she…

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Composite Veneers Case Study

composite veneers before and after

Margaret came to our team at Lumiére Dental Centre with concerns about her "ugly front teeth", they had old fillings which were discoloured and had recurring tooth decay as well. Margaret wished to have a nice and healthy beautiful smile…

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Multiple Implants Case Study


Eva visited us feeling concerned about ongoing problems with her front teeth. She had the crowns and root canal treatments done overseas and was not happy with her smile as the crowns were so far forward. Eva wanted to have…

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