Crowns and Bridges Rehab Case Study

James came to us seeking help to restore the missing tooth on the left side of his mouth and broken teeth which were previously carrying a bridge on the same side.

He also felt self-conscious about the old crowns on the front of his teeth as there were lots of gaps between the crowns and the gums. Food was also constantly becoming trapped and hard to clean. James wanted the treatment to be as conservative as possible.

Dr Elkhatib recommended a root canal treatment on the teeth on the left side, a laser procedure for the gums, building up the teeth using root posts and then crowns to complete the procedure. He also recommended updating the two front crowns on the right side to higher quality and more hygienic crowns which are easier to clean. Ensuring all crowns and restorations are hygienic is extremely important to ensure your ongoing oral health is protected. Leftover food in the mouth stuck between teeth can increase your risk of gum disease and decay.

James was a grinder and also received a “Night Guard” from Dr Elkhatib to protect his bottom teeth.

Crowns and dental bridges before and after

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