Implants and Veneers Case Study

Mirnal had a very unfortunate accident and lost his two front teeth.

The accident also resulted in his lower front teeth becoming discoloured. After the accident he visited another dentist who completed very unpleasant work to restore the two front teeth “temporarily”.

Mirnal came to Lumiére Dental Centre wanting his smile back with a fixed option that he wouldn’t have to worry about ever again.

After planning, Dr Elkhatib found that Mirnal needed advanced bone grafting surgery to restore the jaw bone on the top front area and placement of two dental implants to restore the top front teeth. Veneers were also applied to the two neighbouring front teeth to ensure the results looked natural and cosmetically appealing.

For the bottom teeth Dr Elkhatib suggested a root canal treatment as the teeth were still in excellent condition. He also recommended a “walking bleaching procedure” to restore the colour of the lower teeth back to normal.

Implants and veneers before and after

Pics of a happy patient before and after


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