Dental Check Up Sydney NSW

Get your 6 monthly check up at Lumière Dental Centre in Sydney

The Australian Dental Association is the governing body of dental practices in Australia. They recommend that all Australians receive a dental check up every 6 months. The purpose of these check-ups is to detect and prevent potential problems in your mouth before they develop into much more menacing and expensive treatments.

The core fundamental of general dentistry is regular and ongoing maintenance. This means that half of the dentist’s job is to not only to fix the problems that arise but educate their patients so they know how to avoid these problems before they eventuate. For example: If you have a minor hole in your tooth, a simple, cheap, pain free filling is the best way to prevent any further damage. If the hole is left untouched, it can develop into more serious  conditions such as root canal infections, gum disease and tooth loss.

6 month check-ups actually save you time and money in the long term interest of your oral health.

The alarming fact about minor holes is that they start out as pain free and unnoticeable blemishes, therefore you never know they are there unless you make an appointment to receive a routine 6 monthly check up. Dr Elkhatib has been maintaining an impeccable long term oral health for his patients by prevention, Early discovery and intervention of any minor dental problem that could cause future problems.

What does a 6 month check-up involve?

The main purpose of a 6 monthly check up is to make sure your mouth is as healthy as it can be. To do this, Dr Elkhatib will perform the following:

  • Full examination of your teeth and gums using a mirror and other dental instruments, testing your teeth for any problem areas.
  • Oral hygiene education is a vital component of the Lumiere 6 month check-up process. Whether you have a form of gum disease already or you are at risk of developing any unwanted conditions, Dr Elkhatib will provide an easy to follow routine to ensure you have what you need to keep your mouth healthy.
  • Scale & Polish is possibly the most commonly known procedure in a dental check-up. This is because your teeth naturally attract a build-up of tartar. Tartar hinders the effectiveness of self-cleaning your teeth therefore needs to professionally removed.
  • Diet & Lifestyle affect the condition of our oral health. For example, heavy drinking, smoking, non-regular cleaning routines can promote an unhealthy oral condition. Dr Elkhatib will inform you of what affect the choices you are making are having on your teeth and gums so that you can make the adjustments as you see fit.

Your teeth don’t grow back if you lose them so it is important you take care of the ones you have. The best ways to do this is to practice a good oral hygiene routine and see your dentist every 6 months.