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Having a straight set of teeth is something all individuals should be able to enjoy. Sometimes life gets in the way and the things you know you should do get pushed to the side. This includes seeking orthodontic treatment! There is no better time than to seek out straighten a crooked smile with Invisalign from Lumière Dental Centre.

What is Invisalign?

Invisalign uses clear plastic alignment trays that are molded to fit your teeth. They straighten your teeth in the same way that conventional braces do but without the unsightly metal brackets and wires. The Invisalign treatment is extremely popular and in high demand, because as the name suggests, they are virtually invisible which means no one will even know your are wearing them.

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View the step by step improvements Invisalign can make for this patient.

When you begin the Invisalign process you will be provided with a projected improvement model in which you can see the changes that will be made to your teeth in each stage. The below video is a combination of three such models for one of our patients. Watch the video to see the improvement that Invisalign from our Sydney Dentist practice can provide.


Adults and Invisalign

Whether your parents couldn’t afford orthodontic treatment when you were younger or your teeth have gradually started separating, you are never too old to take control of your smile and straighten your teeth. Out of all the available orthodontic treatments on the market, Invisalign is a favourite among adults. This is because most adults are working professionals and do not wish the sight of metal braces to hinder their appearance in a business environment. It’s not only the white collar business professional who are utilising the benefits of Invisalign, adults and teens are embracing this discreet orthodontic treatment.

Teens and Invisalign

Self-image is no doubt a major part of growing up. The uncomfortable stages of trying to figure out who you are with so many different influences and trying to fit in can be overwhelming. At Lumiere Dental Centre we understand the desire to straighten teeth without having to adopt traditional metal braces. The only difference between Invisalign Teen and the full treatment are the compliance indicators. Often adults ask “how will I know my child is actually wearing their aligners”? With Invisalign Teen a small blue indicator is placed on the aligner to indicate how often you are wearing them.

invisalign vs braces

The most comfortable way to straighten your teeth

Its main benefit may be its ability to go unseen, but as an added advantage the plastic aligners are so comfortable you will forget you even have them on. The smooth, non-irritable, tension-less, slimline trays make straightening your smile an easy process.

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