Dental Payment Plans

We offer financial payment plans as well as easier ways to pay for your dental check-ups at our dental practice in Sydney.

There are many ways you can pay for your dental requirements with Lumiére Dental Centre. We offer HICAPS, The Child Dental Benefit Schedule and our own financial plans.


HICAPS are the easiest way to pay for your appointment if you have private health insurance that covers dental procedures. This tool allows you to electronically claim your appointment in an extremely fast and convenient way.

Not all dental practices offer this and Lumiére Dental Centre is proud to offer this convenient service to our patients.

The Child Dental Benefit Schedule

The CDBS is a government benefit design for children aged from 2-17. You will receive $1,000 for every 2 years your child is aged within this bracket to put towards dental check-ups and dental procedure. Candidates for this benefit will be able to claim procedures such as fillings, clean and more for their child so there is no excuse for not visiting the dentist twice a year.

Customised Financial Plans

We offer our own customised interest free financial plans for your dental procedures which we will discuss with you during your consult.

Contact us about our financial plans today.