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Sedation Dentistry in Sydney

A genuine fear of the dentist is a legitimate concern for many Australians. The sounds of the drills and the horror stories you’re told is enough to scare the most hardy of individuals. No matter how out of context your fear is of the dentist, Lumière Dental Centre offers a stress free environment with a range of sedation dentistry treatments to really make your feel comfortable.

Sedation dentistry is designed specifically for people who are debilitated by their fear of the dentist. Their anxiety being so bad that even though they may need urgent dental treatment, their fear of the dentist physically stops them from getting the treatment they need.

Providing care for those patients who are afraid of the dentist

Whether the fear is unrealistic or a legitimate reason stemming from a previous experience, our sedation methods help calm patients through their treatment. Often patients have a fear of a particular treatment due to a horror story or fear of the instruments. For example: root canal therapy has been described as being a painful experience when in fact it is no longer the case. Other people are just afraid of needles, which is why we provide sedation methods to ease their fear.

Some patients just want to feel more relaxed throughout their treatment due to moderate anxiety. Butterflies in the stomach can be a very uncomfortable feeling and sedation is an easy way to subdue that feeling

Types of sedation available

  1. Inhalation sedation. Also known as laughing gas that you physically breathe-in via a face mask. It is made up of Nitrous oxide which kills pain and delivers a euphoric feeling throughout your body. Previous patients have described the sedation as feeling like you’re a happy drunk. Its nick-name, laughing gas is derived from the feeling it delivers and literally makes people want to laugh and giggle when they otherwise would not.
  2. IV sedation. Can be offered upon request. This drug is delivered through one of your veins in your arm therefore its affect can be felt quicker. The IV will remain in your arm so the dentist can adjust the sedation requirements throughout your procedure. Also known as conscious sedation, your speech may become slurred and the memory of the procedure may be patchy.
  3. Oral sedation Oral sedation is taken as a tablet form and its strength can range from minimum to moderate. The drug prescribed is usually taken 1 hour prior to the procedure taking place. When the sedation kicks in you will feel drowsy but you still remain awake – just less alert of what’s happening around you. This option is the most common in sedation dentistry as its affects can be more predictable compared with other methods. To achieve a stronger sedation, more of the drug will need to be ingested – some people even fall asleep during the procedure.

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