Teeth Whitening Sydney CBD

Affordable teeth whitening in Sydney

Having a white and bright smile isn’t just for the Hollywood A-Listers. Whiter teeth are made that much more affordable with recent technologies and treatment methods, giving stained or discoloured teeth sufferers a reason to celebrate.

Why whiten my teeth?

The national American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry carried out a study to find the impact a white smile actually has. Their results came back overwhelmingly with 96% of the adults who were surveyed agreed that an attractive smile makes a person more appealing to the opposite sex, while 74% of respondents indicated that an unattractive smile can actually hurt a person’s chance in career progression or landing a good job.

The SDI Pola Office tooth whitening system

The Pola Office tooth whitening system is one of the most effective treatments available to dentists in Australia. It’s a very safe option while being one of the most affordable when compared to its competitors, making it an easy choice for dentists and patients alike. Another added benefit of the Pola Office treatment is that it does not require a bleaching light as the formula does not require activation. A light can be used to accelerate the process however is ultimately not needed.

The PH level of the Pola formula is neutral, ensuring you experience no discomfort during and after your teeth whitening treatment. This also means that a de-sensitiser is not necessary as the Pola formula contains Potassium nitrate, which effectively blocks nerve transmissions, alleviating any sensitivities you have in your teeth. The application of Pola Office is easy with the formula being directly applied to your teeth in one thin layer, no activators, no lasers, no mixing and no hassle. Pola Office is also one of the world’s fastest acting bleach which has you out of the dental chair faster, giving you an extended level of comfort and satisfaction.

Teeth Whitening Process

The Pola Office teeth whitening system is a simple process:

  1. You and Dr Elkhatib discuss the shading of the desired result
  2. A quick clean of your teeth
  3. A cheek extractor will be placed in your mouth to allow optimal access to your teeth
  4. A gingival barrier is applied to your gums
  5. Pola Office gel is applied to your teeth and left to cure for approximately 8 minutes
  6. Gel is removed via suction and step 5 is repeated until desired result is achieved
  7. All gel is removed and a water solution is used to wash your teeth
  8. Gingival barrier is removed and your new smile is ready

Teeth Whitening Sydney CBD