Tooth Coloured Fillings Sydney

A natural looking tooth filling in Sydney

Previous generations have had a very limited choice when it comes to fillings, the metal mixture also known as amalgam was a popular choice. Amalgam is a mixture of mercury, silver, tin, copper and other traces of metals designed to fill any forms of decay in your teeth. Not only is it a potential health hazard, it looks unsightly as well. Modern advancements in the dental industry have revolutionised the way we now treat cavities and the appearance they have.

Tooth Coloured Fillings

A tooth coloured filling is a natural looking composite resin that is safe for oral use and predictable in terms of usage. The main benefit of a tooth coloured filling is that it looks like part of the tooth, and functions in the same way. The tooth is covered by the naturally occurring material called enamel – the hardest material produced by humans. The enamel is not actually a living tissue therefore it has no ability to regrow, which is why we need cavities to be filled. The composite resin imitates the missing part of the enamel to offer a similar function to a normal healthy tooth.

The inner part of your teeth is made up of dentin – a material more similar to your bone material. Dentin is a very sensitive matter and a living part of your tooth where the feeling is transmitted via pulp at the very bottom of your teeth. Your dentin can be replaced by composite resin as it displays similar qualities. Your pulp once infected will require root canal therapy.

Tooth coloured fillings can be used for many different reasons

Bonding – the application of the tooth coloured filling composite resin that can fix tooth problems such as decay, chips, fractures and discolourations. Bonding is widely used by dentists as it bonds to the teeth, making the filling longer lasting and more durable.

Rebuild a tooth – If your tooth has been damaged it may need to be restored using a tooth coloured filling. This is a cost effective way to provide a natural looking tooth that functions naturally as well.

Dentin Sealing – This process is used to protect your tooth’s dentin by sealing it over with a resin coating. This method allows other restorative treatments to be bonded to the area as part of a tooth restoration.

General fillings – this method of filling applies a small amount of the composite resin directly into the cavity. This method it the most common filling method used in Australia as it offers functionality, natural aesthetics and its properties are the closest in comparison to a real tooth enamel and dentin.

If you can feel food being trapped, over sensitivity or any pain in your teeth, you may have a hole that requires a tooth coloured filling. More often than not, people don’t realise they have a hole until they visit the dentist as many holes don’t give pain. This is why a check-up every 6 months is vital.

Tooth Coloured Fillings Sydney