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Ask Us About How You Can See Your New Smile Before Treatment!

Dr Elkhatib strongly believes in developing a trustworthy relationship with his patients and during your consultation he will discuss the treatment in detail and help explain every stage of the process.

During this consultation Dr Elkhatib will determine the most applicable implant treatment option for you. Part of the consultation will be dedicated to determining whether you are suitable for dental implants at all.

A dentist you can trust

Dr Elkhatib has extensive knowledge and training in implant and cosmetic dentistry and holds a Master Clinician in Implantology from the Loma Linda University in the United States. Continuing his education and gaining experience with international recognition, Dr Elkhatib is well known and recognised for his work with dental implants and cosmetic dentistry.

How long does the dental implant procedure take?

The amount of time that is required for a dental implant procedure will depend largely on the type of treatment option you require, among some other influencing factors. These factors take into account your oral health, the number of teeth requiring replacement, how many teeth will be affected and teeth requiring extraction. Estimations for a singular tooth replacement sit between 1 and 2 hours, which includes dressing, sedation – everything from start to finish. Whereas a full mouth restoration can take up to half a day.

Noble Biocare

Nobel Biocare logo jpg color big_r_tcm269-27410Dr Elkhatib uses NobleClinician to keep his patients up to date with every step of the treatment planning process. This software allows patients to preview their digital smile and implant treatment from start to finish. Dr Elkhatib can achieve precise implant placement and a predictable restoration which provides patients with more confidence in their treatment. With NobleClinician patients can understand each stage of the implant procedure and Dr Elkhatib can explain every step of the treatment with a series of digital images.

What are the advantages of dental implants?

The benefits and advantages that come along with dental implants are so significant when compared to other treatments; you’ll wonder why you never opted for the treatment earlier.

  • Convenience – Dentures are the furthest thing from convenient, having to take them out when you sleep and causing embarrassment when they slip out. Leaving your tooth missing is even worse as your jaw bone structure will be starting to naturally shrink and disintegrate. Dental Implants provide a structure and function similar to your natural teeth.
  • Aesthetics – People can obviously tell when you’re missing a tooth, and false teeth can often look exactly like what they are – false teeth. Dental Implants are a permanent solution that look almost identical to the real thing.
  • Comfortable – Dental implants feel the same as normal teeth. Unlike dentures there is no rubbing or slipping involved.
  • Improved Speech – Dentures that slip and fall can cause a slur in your speech. Your speech can return to normal with dental implants.
  • Digestion – Dentures that slide can make eating your favourite foods a difficult process. When food is hard to chew, you enjoy it less and tend to swallow food in a more solid form.
  • Self Esteem – A bigger and brighter smile can have many benefits for your mental health.
  • Overall Health – Dental implants provide less strain on your surrounding teeth, are less intrusive on surrounding teeth than other options and work to deter bone disintegration.
  • Strong – If taken care of, implants can last a lifetime!

Who is suitable for dental implants?

To be suitable for dental implants you need to:

  • Be fit and of reasonable health
  • Have adequate jaw bone structure (if not a bone graft may be needed)
  • Be free of gum disease or periodontitis
  • Avoid smoking where possible as this can hinder recovery time

What is the cost of dental implants in Sydney?

Product/Service Price Guide
Single Dental Implant $5000 – $6500
Bone Graft Procedure $1500-5000
Gum Grafting Procedure $2000-3000
Multiple Dental Implants TBC
All-on-4 $22,500-TBC
Surgical Placement for referrals (no restoration) $3000


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