Dental Implants sydney

We are proud to announce and introduce our study club and live surgery centre Sydney Implantogenesis. Sydney implantogenesis is aiming for educational purposes and is targeting professionals who are looking for expanding their knowledge about basic to advanced dental implant therapy.

Dr Ahmed Elkhatib believes that the best educational program is based on live surgical procedures and evidence based applied practice which is supported and based on literature and scientific papers.

Dr Elkhatib is lecturing and performing live surgeries and discussing vital and important topics on basic and advanced dental implants therapy. He believes that science is a message that has to be delivered and passed on to ensure excellence in delivering dental implant treatment for all patients.

For those fellow dentists who are looking to pursue perfection in dental implant treatment either basic or advanced we invite them to come and join us in our sydney implantogenesis study club. We will be looking forward to seeing you.

Check out our upcoming event below.