Emergency Dentist Sydney CBD

Your Emergency dentist in the middle of Sydney

The Lumière Dental Centre is here for you when you need them most. A dental emergency is something we cater for by allocating slots throughout the day to allow for your urgent dentistry needs.  Our practice located at 60 Park Street is in the heart of Sydney, open anytime throughout the day for you and your family.

How do I know I have a dental emergency?

One of the most common reasons people seek emergency dentistry is for toothaches as the pain they can produce can be extreme and almost unbearable. Along with toothaches, we have extensive experience in responding to failed root canals and trauma for both adults and children in the form of missing and chipped teeth.

Sometimes it’s not just the pain that equates to a visit to the emergency dentist, we receive large amounts of patients for cosmetic reasons. Many adults work in professional environments where part of their appearance is a large contributor to their success. For example: A sales presentation requires a lot of things to be just right such as persona and delivery. A sales presentation may be hindered by the sight of the salesman missing their front tooth.

Children and teenagers may need emergency dentistry too. Self-Image plays an important role in their development, and having a missing tooth can seriously damage their self-confidence. To save them the embarrassment, Dr Alkhatib ensures he can see his patients when they need him most.

How Relieve the Pain?

Chances are, if you require emergency dentistry you will be in a significant amount of pain. To ease the pain, we recommend giving us a call immediately so we can properly assess you over the phone and advise the best course of action to subdue your pain. Generally speaking, paracetamol and ice packs are a safe way to reduce pain and swelling.

Will emergency dentistry hurt?

Nervous patients are common occurrences surrounding an already sore or damaged area in the mouth. Dr Elkhatib strives to reduce the pain initially so you feel comfortable to undergo a suitable treatment. Our sedation dentistry is specifically designed around reducing pain and increasing comfort for our patients. Often the emergency stems from not taking proper care of your teeth and gums and now it has developed into a much worse problem.  This is a clear example of why having a proper oral hygiene routine and 6 monthly check-ups are so important.

Emergency Dentist Sydney CBD

If you are experiencing severe pain or have a damaged tooth that needs urgent attention, contact Dr Ahmed Elkhatib from Lumière Dental Centre in Sydney immediately on 02 9264 8720 or 0404 031 181