Dental Implants Cost Sydney

Dental implants are one of the most significant dental investments you could make, and they provide one of the most substantial transformations – from having missing or no teeth to a full healthy smile.

Dental implants are one of the most advanced dental procedures that can be performed. If you have missing teeth, or a full arch of missing teeth – dental implants can be used as a way to anchor new implant crowns (or fixed denture for an arch of missing teeth) for a healthy, natural looking smile.

Here at Lumiere Dental Centre, we provide the best dental implants in Sydney with crowns included start from $5000 per tooth (does not include bone or gum grafting).

How do dental implants work?

The implant itself is a small titanium screw which is inserted into your jawbone to replace the pre-existing tooth root which used to hold your tooth in place. Once this is inserted, a process called osseointegration will begin which means your existing jawbone will begin to bond with the titanium fixture – thus creating a strong anchor for the placement of new implant crowns or other restorations.

Osseointegration takes approximately three months and may require you to live on a diet limited to soft foods for part of this time until the bond is complete.Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks of failure or rejection.

Dental Implant Cost Sydney

The cost of dental implants will vary significantly on how many implants you require and the cosmetic restoration, which will need to be fitted to the top of your implants.

Lumiére Dental Centre dental implants cost:

  • Consultation (one hour with pictures and x-rays if needed)
  • 1 implant only begins at $2500
  • Implant crown begins at $2500
  • Estimated total cost for a single dental implant is $5000.(this price does not include bone grafting)This fees might change according to each case requierments.

While the above is an approximate cost in order to find out what level of repair your smile requires, it’s important to visit Lumiére Dental Centre in the business CBD as we can fully diagnose any problems. This includes missing teeth and jaw bone degeneration, which can require bone grafting for a successful dental implant procedure.

Other Factors to consider

In order to help you understand all of the factors that can contribute to the final cost of your procedure here is a list:

  • Does the patient need bone or gum grafting?
  • Does the patient need one or more dental implants?
  • Does the patient have missing teeth in irregular places in the mouth? (does their smile look like ‘tooth-gap-gap-tooth-gap’)
  • What cosmetic work does the patient require? I.e. an implant crown, implant-fixed denture, bridge etc.
  • How likely is dental implant success for the patient?

As you can see generally to calculate the cost of your dental implant procedure we need to diagnose your condition and what needs to be done. This is done at your dental implant consultation with Dr Ahmed Elkhatib, who can professionally diagnose and provide the best solution to treat your missing teeth and rehabilitate your smile.

Find out the cost of your dental implant procedure at our Sydney dental clinic

Contact the Lumiére Dental Centre team to find out more about this procedure and to organise a time to visit our dentist, Dr Ahmed Elkhatib who is experienced in dental implants. He can thoroughly assess your smile and recommend the best solution. You’ll even be able to see what your smile will look like after the procedure using our Digital Smile Design software.

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