Multiple Implants Case Study

Eva visited us feeling concerned about ongoing problems with her front teeth.

She had the crowns and root canal treatments done overseas and was not happy with her smile as the crowns were so far forward. Eva wanted to have nice and healthy teeth without any ongoing problems and she also wanted her back-teeth restored so she would be able to eat and chew properly.

After a clinical and radiographic examination, the remaining teeth were deemed unhealthy and unable to be restored further. This is because the previous teeth extractions Eva received compromised the integrity of her jawbone so it could not properly support any further restorations.

After using our 3D planning software and Digital Smile Design smile concept, Dr Elkhatib suggested restoring all of the top teeth by placing six dental implants with a bone grafting procedure performed simultaneously to restore the lost bone volume in the back jaw area.


Ewa’s dental implants

An “Immediate fixed temporary bridge” was then placed over the implants which can be done either on the day of the surgery or can be delivered 48 hours after the procedure.

After a period of 12 months a final fixed bridge will be delivered.

Here is the patient with the fixed bridge restoring all her teeth on six implants:


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